Saturday, June 19, 2010

Its going to be okay :)

I have been so excited about starting to homeschool....things just seemed to start falling in place.  We have plans to go to a homeschool convention soon--and for the first time stay in a hotel with out the kids!  Last weekend we put laminate flooring in the playroom and were changing it into a playroom/homeschool.  Three days later we had a plumbing problem and flooded that end of the basement.  So all week I have spent tearing out floor in that room and carpet in another :(

To make matters worse  I took some wet towels to my neighbors to hang on their clothesline--and broke it!  To try to patch things up I made them some homemade bread.....
after the first raised so pretty....I kept watch on it for four hours....then when it was time to bake it...I realized that I forgot to put it in the pans!!!!!!  So it died when I tried to take it out!  Sadly....this is not my first time baking bread!

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