Monday, September 5, 2011

Magic Traveling Suitcase!!

Mrs. Wizzle may have a magic traveling school bus...but she is a cartoon charactor and I cam a real, breathing, likes to eat cold cereal mom! And the other day I found a beautiful leather suitcase at a yardsale for 50 came home with me and it is going to "travel" all the land of Imagination ;-)
2011-08-31 15.38.22

I packed the suitcase with secret supplies....
2011-08-31 15.35.15

We took our "school" outside to the nearest cool shady spot...
2011-08-31 15.40.34
---yeah someone is wearing their pjs...hope you like their uniform!!

Then we climbed up in the learning tree to read the story of Madelines Rescue
2011-08-31 15.45.17

Back to the that we would still be in school...we learned about France where Medeline lives...we enjoyed some french food...koolaid(wine) and cheese(cheese sticks).
2011-08-31 15.55.02

Thus began our lapbook about Madeline and our study of France:
2011-08-31 16.25.12
2011-08-31 16.25.28
2011-08-31 16.25.47

travel courtesy of Magic Leather Yardsale Suitcase and Imagination Voyages

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lego Master

Nates favorite subject is Legos...seriously!  It is part of his daily work...and why not?  So many lessons to be learned from Legos...and so creative.

2011-08-31 14.23.51

2011-08-31 14.22.25

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

22nd Day of School!!

I am so behind on posting about life, school, ect.....but here is a go!

So far we have had three field trips!

The first one was to the Louisville Zoo!  Funny but the boys favorite things about the zoo are the playground and the african culture exhibit!!

2011-08-12 13.23.34

2011-08-12 14.50.22

2011-08-12 14.55.01
2011-08-12 14.55.41
2011-08-12 14.55.27

The next week we went to the Kentucky State Fair...their favorite exhibit was the 4H bug collections and the fossil digging from Mammoth Cave!
2011-08-22 12.35.08

I was totally taken by the winning 4H cake!!
2011-08-22 11.40.41

This Monday we went to the Air and Space Museum at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton Ohio.
2011-08-29 14.21.13

I will have to find more pictures of that later :-)

Sunday, July 10, 2011


I found this picture of Eli learning to stand...he was scared. He pulled up and liked it...and was afraid of falling. And he fell. Scary as it was he stood up again. He had to. It was so he could go on. Sometimes he falls but it doesn't scare him anymore. Because he only falls if he is not watching where he is going.

That lesson that I watched in all of my children is a sermon to me now. A few weeks ago I was shooting my best friends wedding. During the wedding my lips started going numb. At the reception I almost choked on cake. A couple of days later the numbness spread in my face and to my right leg. Not really afraid but concerned I went to a doctor...the next several days, weeks became scary. The first doctor thought it was a stroke. The next three doctors said it looked like textbook Multiple Sclerosis. Tests proved them right.

I believe all things happen for a reason...a purpose. I have tried not to ask why me and allow bitterness to live in me.

I dont have a treatment plan as of yet. I do worry. I try not to cry even when others cry while asking me about it. Mainly I cry in my pillow and the shower. My mantra is to proceed Aware not Afraid.
Being afraid will not help anything.

I have practiced in the mirro saying "I have MS,"  because I have to be able to say it fearless for others.  But when I say it I end it with a comma.  Because in my heart I finish the statement with "MS does not have me."

From the Tree to the Table

2011-07-07 18.50.46

2011-07-07 22.22.55

Thursday, June 23, 2011

What Do You See?


There is a local flock that has been catching my eye. I looked at them with a disgusted interest. The flock is not responsible for their shabiness but there owner is. When I looked at them I wished that he would do something about them.

Yesterday I sent a friend a couple of pictures of some of the sheep. She has sheep and I figured that she would share disgust for the owner with me. Instead her comment was "look at that handsome ram".

Handsome ram?! Yeah I saw the ram...but all I saw was a ram that needed sheared and cleaned up for his own survival. That was enough for me.

Both of us saw that he had potential to be fixed up and lead a heathly life. But she had a shepherdess heart and saw that there was beauty and purpose.

Hmmmmmmmmm....I wonder if we looked at people with a that type compassion if we could lead each other to more than survival. Maybe that is the answer. Instead of "fixing" those who are down with just the basics for is time to look for their beauty and lead them to their purpose.

This little ram and kind shephedress leads me back to the writings of the psalmist David and his writings of the Great Shepherd.

I will be back reading Psalms.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dreams DO Come True!!

Allow me to preface this post by saying that I LOVE being able to text instead of having to talk on the phone!!  It is all causes me to spend an extra second in my response because I cant text as fast as I talk :-)  and answering doesn't pressure because you aren't looking anyone in the eye.

I know what is a post with out a pic!!??!!  But I have to share this little story...people recently have asked me why I haven't been blogging...well keep reading and I will blog for you :-)

Yesterday I was texting back and forth with a girlfriend.  And she was sharing some of her concerns...they were valid, important to her, and important to me because she is my friend...and friends sincerely care, right?  But out of nowhere my fingers came up with this text! "Remember when you were six and you dreamed of having your own: job, checkbook, house, high heels, ect?  Well this is your dream come true multiplied by___"[and I inserted the number of times her age is divisable by six ;-)]

I read it again--and laughed although it spoke to me too.  {preachin' to the choir!}  The very things that I dreamed would one day make me happy --do...but they are also the very things that cause me concerns and stress!  I am living my own dream!
Husband--okay some days are dreamier than others :-P
House--I am happy and content with mine...but at six I never realized that taxes and upkeep would be the night mare...and while being so excited about the three bathrooms...who knew they would all have to be cleaned?!
Kids!--oh they were my dream!  Before when we were not having the "luck of conceiving" I would stalk the adoption websites every night after work and check our accounts...I was getting kids if I had to sell a kidney!  Now three boys later....they are my dream...but I really do enjoy them while they are dreaming!!

I guess from here on in my life I will be a little more careful of my dreams.  I will dream of vehicles that dont break down, grandkids that are born potty trained, and dryers that fold and put away the clothes--neatly!

Life is good and mine is the best!
I am so glad that all of you are a part of it!
Keep reading and I will keep blogging...
I want/need to share with you!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

All about 3

Finally we had Elis birthday celebration last night.  He was all aoubt blowing out the candle, again, and again!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Everyone Needs A Place of Their Own

When we returned from vacation we had a new resident on our porch....

And Elis own special place...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My little knight

Last week I finally went to one of Bens fencing sessions.  Lets just say...he has a big heart and I hope that he makes a man of valor.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Has Spring Sprung?!

I hope that Sping is actually here!  I am loving the sunshine and the warm temps.

I am loving the boys playing OUTSIDE!!!!!!!!!

My bees have started cleaning out their hives for spring...maybe it is time to start my spring cleaning!

Oh and the mud....well if it takes mud to give me spring...I am loving the mud too!

Monday, January 3, 2011


Third Day Ended

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