Thursday, June 10, 2010

Deep Breath!

I got this picture from a lady over at Two Peas in a Bucket....some day I will have it printed and framed for my family room.
Today is a big day.  I made a huge decision--with my husbands approval.  I have decided to just be a mom.  I am finishing the weddings that I have for this year.  And have cancelled out of ones for next year.  Lately I have wanted my total focus to be on my family.  Making a home that I would want to live in.  Educating my children.  Taking time to read to the boys at night.  Dropping the mop for time to play tag.  And cooking whole foods for my children and husband.
I don't want to miss even the tiniest moments....because I have pictures to edit and albums to design.
I want to be available and ready to enjoy every moment.  The boys will be little once...and the money that I make will never bring these days back.

I am indeed the luckiest and most blessed woman in the world and I want to enjoy it.

It is big my world yes but then again is my here am I Lord.  I place my trust in Him to continue to take care of us while we raise our family for His glory.

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