Monday, June 7, 2010

Home Sing Monday!!

Making your home sing Mondays

Ah what a challenge!  And I found it just in time!  Our homeschooling books arrived today!  And we plan to begin school 7/5 so I need to:
--Finish making a schoolroom/playroom
--reorganize the boys closet
--and finish my SPRING {summer} cleaning...all while finding time to enjoy my three boys!

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  1. It is always so exciting when those new schoolbooks arrive! The kids and I used to love to sit down and look through them.

    It's cool that you are having a homeschool room. I have to admit that most of our homeschooling was done in the kitchen, sunroom or the living room.

    I'll be joining you in some summer cleaning too. Thanks for linking up today!


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