Friday, May 18, 2012

chickens? Chickens!

Back in early spring I asked someone what they suggested I do about the bugs eating my peaches every year before I got a chance to pick them. {{disclaimer:  I knew this person might be able to give me a chemical free solution}}  And so they suggested chickens.  Easy enough we got some chickens.  And let them out of the cage to see what they would do...

 I have yet to figure out the getting them back in the coop for the night....but these past three evenings I have managed after chasing them around ....which feels as silly as...

this!  Glad no one has videoed the nightly chicken bedtime struggle!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Montessori #4!!!!!!!!

Friends this is endless!  And I am searching around on the web I am finding so many more ideas!!  Please note:
~~yes do use the little trays...the confined area is part of the whole space
~~this is work and lessons--not play
~~lessons should be rotated out and in about every couple of weeks...and objects can be mixed around into a new lesson

Most of all--HAVE FUN!!!!

This is one of the awesome kits that I purchased from Debbie Fox of   The Bottom Shelf


plastic bowl
couple of straws
a wire wisk
egg beater

mix a small solution of 1/3 dishwashing liquid to 2/3 water
pour into bowl
blow through straw to see how the straw creates bubbles
next work with the wisk
then the egg beater.

loads of fun and the bubbles will be different with each.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Get Over The Hump

Wednesday is often referred to as "Hump Day" is a little boost to help you over the hump!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Montessori #3!!


This one is a winner!!  Right now these divided trays are everywhere!!  I picked this one up a the Dollar General for $1.  
Again this idea was from the workshop with Debbie Fox from The Bottom Shelf.  If you ever get a chance to attend one of her workshops do...her knowledge is so workable. { She even shared the basics of dinner swap clubs!}  There is info on her site on how to book her as a workshop speaker.
 Word of caution...I picked up beads from the Dollar Tree...I plan to use them in another lesson also...but pick 
items that is safe for your childs age.  Other sorting objects could be...dried beans, buttons, colored marshmellos...just look around...see what is available!  Enjoy!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Montessori #2!!

Eli loves this!!
This kit I purchased from Debbie Fox ~~the Bottom Shelf~~
It has ten wooden golf tees
a lobster wooden mallet
non drying clay
and a plastic bowl.

yes he did hammer his fingers a few times...but he did catch on and played quietly hammering, hammering, hammering!!

Tips from Debbie:
~~these lessons are only available to him during lesson time
~~ he must put the lesson kit back neatly on the shelf
~~lessons are rotated to keep them fun and fresh
~~assign each of the older schooling children a 30 minute time to spend "working" with the preschooler.  {I used that idea the day after the workshop and all three boys enjoyed "Eli time".}

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Homeschool Montessori #1 (or how to get a 30-45 minute break!!)

Our homeschooling year has closed.  But at the end I came across a HUGE secret for success that somewhere along the way everyone had forgotten to share with me :-(  Montessori--Tot Boxes what ever you want to call it...hands on skills play.  

Our homeschool co-op FAITH sponsored a speaker to do a workshop on what to do with that preschooler while you are schooling your other children.  Of course work with them too...but sometimes they have got to get constructively busy.

So Debbie Fox from The Bottom Shelf came and shared with us how to make these montessori lessons, use them, organize our time, our life,and she offered some kits that she had already made!  I will be sharing those also.  But for now I am sharing one that I made!--her idea :-) Thanks Debbie!!

Pouring and Funneling

tray walmart $1.98
funnels dollar tree $1
measuring spoons and cups dollar tree $1
small bowls my kitchen

Eli played with this at least an hour..totally mesmerized.  He only gets to play with the kits during lesson time.