Saturday, June 19, 2010

Backdrop for Puppets

So I decided to make a backdrop for our VBS this week.  I started with a canvas drop cloth from Home Depot and a black Sharpie marker....and drew the scene free hand--obviously :)
I laid plastic under the cloth and painted the cloth with acrylic craft paint.

The color collection was somewhat limited so I had to make my own color for the water.

Then I simply tried to paint in the lines just like a coloring book.

I outline the picture in black to give it a more finished look and a child's coloring book look.

Finally I did add a red cross in the blue triangle to give the sail the appearance of the Christian flag.  Hope you like it Angie :)


  1. Love it, Renee!!!! Can't wait to use it!!!! I'm excited! Now we just need to practice our skits.....Didn't know you had this blog!! Angela

  2. really?! I thought I told you about this one before? oh well...welcome...glad you like the backdrop :)


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