Friday, June 18, 2010

Home Comforts

Somethings always trigger thoughts of my mother. A few weeks ago I was in Barnes and Nobles and ran across a beautiful hard cover edition of Owl At Home. I was so excited. Mother read this book to us many, many nights. No doubt some nights she probably read it more than once. Immediately I grabbed a copy so excited to share it with my boys. As I was leaving the childrens section of the store I saw some note cards with scenes from the Owl At Home book---this would be the perfect Mothers Day gift for mom. On Mothers Day when Mom opened the cards she was so excited...the rest of the family looked on wondering why she was so in love with these cards. But my brother and I knew. They were a reminder of our wonderful childhood that my mother enjoyed too.

I used to feel bewildered trying to create the perfect childhood for my childhood for my children. Finally I just made goals for raising them:
  • --raise them with the knowledge of God and His saving grace  
  • --a home that might not always be organized ...but pleasant and clean 
  • --encouragement to try again when they dont succeed 
  • --acceptance to mature and develope at their own rate 
  • --opportunities to learn, explore and follow their interest
Finally I needed a measure of success.....then it came....a little friend was visiting and told Ben that he planned to move in. Ben replied "thats great you will love it here!"


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