Monday, September 5, 2011

Magic Traveling Suitcase!!

Mrs. Wizzle may have a magic traveling school bus...but she is a cartoon charactor and I cam a real, breathing, likes to eat cold cereal mom! And the other day I found a beautiful leather suitcase at a yardsale for 50 came home with me and it is going to "travel" all the land of Imagination ;-)
2011-08-31 15.38.22

I packed the suitcase with secret supplies....
2011-08-31 15.35.15

We took our "school" outside to the nearest cool shady spot...
2011-08-31 15.40.34
---yeah someone is wearing their pjs...hope you like their uniform!!

Then we climbed up in the learning tree to read the story of Madelines Rescue
2011-08-31 15.45.17

Back to the that we would still be in school...we learned about France where Medeline lives...we enjoyed some french food...koolaid(wine) and cheese(cheese sticks).
2011-08-31 15.55.02

Thus began our lapbook about Madeline and our study of France:
2011-08-31 16.25.12
2011-08-31 16.25.28
2011-08-31 16.25.47

travel courtesy of Magic Leather Yardsale Suitcase and Imagination Voyages

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lego Master

Nates favorite subject is Legos...seriously!  It is part of his daily work...and why not?  So many lessons to be learned from Legos...and so creative.

2011-08-31 14.23.51

2011-08-31 14.22.25