Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Wreath Story

Okay so this is totally true!  It was 47 hours until my Christmas party.  And we had an emergency an half hour before---totally another whole story in itself.  My dear husband sent me to town total carte blanche  to find something to put back up over our mantel.  It is really too big of a space to leave empty.  So I go to Micheals and find --the LAST -- 60 inch wreath.  Next what to do to it?  But luckily I meet the sweetest angel whose husband had just got stationed at Ft.Knox and she had studied floral design. {Actually if she had studied tropical fish I would have taken the help}  So after she finally realized that I absolutely am not into the stranded cranberry look we moved onto red and burgundy poinsettias with a lovely woodland angel.--Perfect for me since I love simple and elegant.  Now you must know that I am 5'4" and this wreath is 5 foot.  So I am carrying it and the bags of stuff to go on it through a dark, crowded parking lot to the van.  I reach the van, click my key fob, open the back...and start complaining about all of the junk in the back.  I start moving around all the junk and I hear a small voice say :
"Daddy, aren't you going to get her?"
I glance up and see a child and a man--neither are mine.
My van is three spaces away.

Totally a true story!  Now I am safe at home on this snowy Sunday morning...wishing I was snuggled up to this good-looking guy....
But these dudes have been downstairs  playing Xbox since daylight....on a snowy Sunday morn?!
So I am off to bake and finish decorating for the party--hopefully the weather gets better!!


  1. Funny! I've come close a couple of times to doing this but never actually started rearrangeing someone else's stuff! The wreathe looks great! and what a wall it is on!


  2. Oh was a riot! And it has pushed me past the incident with Alan :P As far as the wall {sigh} I dread Christmas being over and having to take down that wreath. I don't know what I will put up next :-(


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