Saturday, December 25, 2010

White Christmas 2010

 Coming up my driveway...this is a lovely spot even with out snow.
 Maybe this will be the year we landscape...

I know our neighbors hope so :-)  but for now...our yard looks just as nice as theirs.
The snow on their yard is a cold surrender to the chemical warfare which they rage with the insect kingdom all summer long.  We love these folks...actually we do!  We welcome the bugs and beautiful dandelions to our yard...and our neighbors too :-)

Ahhhhh the only place that I can come and talk on the phone with out the kids!
Somedays I just want to lock everyone in the house and live here.
I would have only bought one piece of furniture...but my girlfriends are welcome for coffee
tea and chatting :-)

The farm next door that we wish we could afford.{sigh}

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