Monday, December 6, 2010

My Big Surprise

So Bryan calls me last week and tells me to get a sitter for Saturday and we would have date night.  I wasn't curious...that was normal.  On Saturday he rushes me up to get ready--that is normal.  Then I ask where we are going...he says it is a secret.  That must mean Chinese and he doesn't want to argue.  So we drop off the kids and head out.  But not toward town.  But west on a country road.  So I play along and ask no questions...thinking this is going to be some kind of a joke.  Before I knew it we are almost to my brothers house.  And now I am I am like why are we going to Kennys'?  And he ask why not.  Well...why not--but why get a sitter?!  We get there and it is dark all around his house and only a light shining in the living room.  So I walk up to the door...Angie answers it and the house is full of people.  Oh great... Bryan forgot to tell me Kenny invited him to their Christmas party and I am not dressed festive.  So I walk in determined to have a great time anyway when everyone starts singing "Happy Birthday".

Oh week is my birthday!  But I totally wasn't even thinking about it!
I was so shocked!
I still am!
And Angie even made me the most beautiful cake (and yummiest too!)

But that is not all!
I got a themed plethora of gifts!
Christmas tree ornaments!
So I am off to put up my tree!
For the last time before I turn the big 4-0

Thanks guys...I love you all.


  1. Glad you were surprised! I think everyone had a great time!

  2. Oh Angela! I loved the party! I kept thinking is this real? I had a wonderful time! But the next day I am standing in Fazolis and Lindsey is like THREE people behind me when the cashier points to her and tells me what a beautiful daughter I have!!!!!!!!!! Linda and Steve are standing in line between us totally cracking up! I am so glad that Lindsey looks so young so I know that lady didnt think I was real old! LOL

  3. What a wonderful surprise and gorgeous cake! Happy Birthday!


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