Friday, July 30, 2010

Week Four!!

So here we are in our fourth week of homeschooling!  We schooled 15 days this month--which is really great seeing that we had a holiday and out of town guests!  The deal was that I could home school the month of July as a trial run and if it wasn't working out then the children would attend government school.  Things are going great and everyone is learning!  Praise God!  On Sunday an old college roommate --that works in Taiwan as a missionary called me and was coming on Monday!!  So we schooled Monday and cleaned like the President (well maybe not)  was visiting.
Jen and I...I tried to find a picture of us from the early 90s  but our hair was too big to get in the picture!!

We tried a little bit of "Charlotte Mason" home school technique and took a picnic to a local park....made leaf rubbings and just enjoyed being out in nature...may try this again in the fall when it isn't 96 degrees in the shade.
rubbing from the end of a bleacher set.

Massive leaf...glad that I don't have any of these trees to rake :)
Ever wonder wonder how things look at a child's eye level? {note to self: keep the camera put away!!}

So next week public schools start back.  we start @ lesson #16 & study more on our Australia unit study.

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  1. Hi There...just found you from another blog while "blog hopping" tonight. Congratulations on your homeschool successes! How precious that you are venturing into this wonderful world! The LORD will give you all you need as you look to HIM for the grace day by day. I just wanted to encourage you with one resource that I am sure would be a blessing ~ "When You Rise Up" by R.C. Sproul Jr. is a book that I recently learned about and purchased. It is SOOO encouraging! Try to get a copy into your home...I am sure you will be blessed!

    Blessings to you!
    In Him,


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