Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Measure of Success

Nate is loving not going to preschool this year.  In fact now when he is misbehaving we will ask him if he wants to be good or we can call the school and send him back....he immediately begs to learn at home.

He could do his little workbooks with lots of direction but was not enjoying them ---just enduring them.  I decided that even though this is Preschool we both needed more structure and direction.  So I found the World Book scope and sequence for every grade on line.  The list looks easy enough to complete.

I felt that Nate would also be more apt to do his lessons the more successful that he felt.  So I ordered a{pre}preschool set of books from Christian Light Publications.
These books are very,very basic in skills and concepts.  So far Nate is enjoying them.  The only thing that we are having a problem with using these books is that they are based on an Anabaptist lifestyle....seems in my eyes{outsider looking in}  to be between Amish and Mennonite.  So in an activity where it would have objects that the student had to match to the activity Nate is not always familiar with these.  {sewing machine, needle,etc}  and in one exercise he has to distinguish male and female clothing--I do always wear skirts but I{nor anyone else he knows} wears a dress with a cape.  Otherwise the books are a great spring board to early education.  I understand that these books were written for the Anabaptist people and I am thankful that they are sharing their work with us.

In addition to this stage of Preschool we are doing rote counting, tactile letter studies and traditional children's literature.  During the study of literature we are practicing:
  • speech
  • comprehension
  • sequencing
For literature we are doing nursery rhymes and traditional fairy tales.

After the Basic Skills series I plan to move on to the ABC Readiness Series by CLP and probably stay with that curriculum until Nate's first grade then move him to ABEKA.

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