Thursday, July 8, 2010

Our first "Lapbooks"

Here is the cover of Ben's first "lap book" study.  In the afternoon he and Nate are listening to Curious George Stories and studying about monkeys.  I have a set of Stampin Up monkey stamps so I let the boys decorate their folders with the stamps.  Later I will add a title to it.
Inside of Ben's folder. {their folders will vary some due to the different levels that they are working at.}
The paper puppets at the top is from a unit study book that we bought about Curious George.  The "Globe Book--Mapping with Monkeys" is from
Since the student is at the beginning of first grade we are doing a very basic study.  So our flip book just consist of the largest, smallest, and loudest monkeys.  Monkey pics from Homeschool Share.
The label bike is from the Curious George Unit Book.
I have plans to make a flap later to add a back drop for the storytelling with these puppets.  See inside of the globe book....from Homeschool Share.
I printed the bananas onto yellow cardstock and we stamped a library pocket.  The bananas each have a food that monkeys eat.  Banana template...Homeschool Share.
"ART"  I cut a 5 1/2", 2- 2", and a 1" circle from dark brown cardstock.  A small flower from dark brown {monkey hair} 4" inch oval from tan. 1-3", 2-1 1/2"circles and helped the boys make a monkey for the back of their lapbooks.
Nate's Monkey Math game.  I cut 2 1/2"squares from scrap cardstock and rounded the corners with a corner rounder.  On one side I wrote numbers 1-20. On the other side I stamped multiples of images 1-10.  The numbers can be used for arranging in order.  Also I made a board to set the cards on to practice simple addition.

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  1. Those are adorable!! Great job to all of you! =) It seems like you're having fun with it!!


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