Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Welcome to Our Homeschool Day 1

Here we go! Come on in :)  I found this table and chairs at the Peddlers Mall...an apparent school cast off.  Both the table and the chairs are in excellent condition...wonder why they got rid of them?  Table $25 and each chair $5.50.  I looked the table up in a school catalogue...new $267!

Facing the table.  Calendar and charts from Kentucky School Service lucky for me I live near one of these stores...so I don't have to pay shipping :)  ~~Oops! Just noticed the addition fact chart is A Beka.

So our school room is also our playroom :)  I found the world map this week at Target $4.99!  The airplane and clouds are from Amazon.com and the three large clouds are from Stampin Up!  These are all chalkboard vinyl :)

Various toy shelves :)

This is an extra bedroom that has its own bathroom :)
Heading back out :)

Today was a little short...we are using ABEKA for Ben's first grade and the first five days don't have alot of work :)  Nate will only do his work in spurts...so far we have a little writing strokes done and some coloring :)
I am linking my project to DIY...check out more DIY fun by clicking on the button below :)


  1. Good luck...cute room...but you are crazy for homeschooling. Hope it works out for you.

  2. I love your room, so nice to have a "school" bathroom! I noticed your posters are so high up- maybe you have a reason for this- but can anyone even see them? I've noticed this in a lot of the rooms from the OMSH link. I hope I can homeschool someday:)

  3. Thanks for sharing your room. LOVE IT! We have a bathroom in our homeschool room too (since its in the basement) but unfortunately ours is out of order until Hubby gets around to fixing the leaks :( Good luck on your adventure, I love reading your stories and how-to's.


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