Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WOW it is 2012

Wow it is 2012! And I have been gone..well actually here...just not blogging :-)

what happened? Yeah sometimes I wake up at night and I this real? Was it just a nightmare? is really did happen.

June 2011 I became ill. I found out about a month later that I had MS. I have two holes in the brain blood blanket. I was offered treatment with no hope. I could take shots that MIGHT slow down the episodes by 20%. Twenty percent is not good. It is not enough.

So I searched for an alternative treatment. I chose to have a stemcell treatment. My mother, aunt and I flew to Miami in October where I had the procedure done. 4.5 oz of fat was removed from my tummy. The stemcells were removed from the fat and injected back into my bloodstream. Three months later I feel amazing. I have all feeling back in my face, teethe,and tongue. I have not fallen since that time.

I have not told my neurosurgeon about the procedure yet. Monday I went to see him. I told him how well I am doing. He got to eye level with me and said "You need to understand that you have an incurable disease. The damage to your brain is permanent. The lesions will always be there. And will continue to happen because you are not on a treatment."

So tomorrow I have an MRI to measure the lesions and look for new ones.

The Psalmist David said " I am fearfully and wonderfully made." I believe that when God created our bodies He made them to take care of themselves--with us taking care of them soon.

For me the stemcell therapy was the right choice. It was the only choice with hope.

Here is what happens during the stemcell therapy ( I couldn't find the English version ;-( ...but it is out there!)

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much did it cost?
Did insurance pay for it?
no... it is not a FDA approved procedure
Is it legal? has the same exemption as bone marrow transplants stated in CFR 1271.15.b.
What are the follow up meds?
three days of antibiotics and 30 days of mega vitamins to boost the immune system.
Did it hurt?
about as much as anything else when you take Valium :-)
How long is the procedure?
I was at the clinic about six hours total.
Would you do it again?


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    1. me too! Thanks for being there for me during this!

  2. Replies
    1. amen!
      Every day is a miracle for all of us really!
      My doctor in Miami said that I had to believe it was Gods will for me to be well for this to work.

  3. So good that you're getting the word out to possibly help others - Praise Him always!!

    1. Kim ...thanks for being sensitive and sending me the email that day to let me know about the stemcell therapy!


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