Saturday, January 21, 2012

Every House Has A Secret

And mine has a loom.  Actually more than one loom.  But this one is the one that you probably wont see.  It is usually not in the living room...but away from little hands that pass by.  Anyway it isn't really a secret but I do get asked questions about I thought I would introduce you to my loom.  And if sometime you are at my home and ask to see it...I will show it to you--maybe even let you weave a little :-)

This is a 32" 4 harness Ashford Table Loom with the tredle kit stand.  She was made in New Zealand from Silver Beechwood. 
The project below is a scarf I am weaving...the warp is Lion Brand 1878 a fine American wool yarn available in yarn shops like Blueball Mountain here in Elizabethtown.  The weft is Wollemeise a german hand-dyed yarn.  If you are not a yarnie you dont get the importance of the Wollemeise.  Wollemeise is so hard to get that you have to be on line logged in at 5am EST on Friday mornings grab the first yarn you see available and put it in your "shopping basket" and by the time you enter your credit card number half of it will be sold and out of stock.   CRAZINESS!!  And the company owner Claudia...if she catches you selling it on eBay or Ravelry for an inflated price...she will block your Wollemeise account!  Lovely yarn indeed..but there are many other lovely yarns too :-)

Maybe I will weave you something...just ask me...I love a reason to create!  Want to try to learn to weave?  Or just want to give it a try to see if you like it?  Come over and after you are addicted...I will take you shopping to find the perfect loom for you.


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