Friday, January 20, 2012

Proud Mommy Momemt

This happened a few weeks ago...but I never want to forget it.  And if something happens to me I want someone to share the story with Nate.

Before Christmas Nate decided he wanted to go Christmas shopping. This was a big surprize.  Because Nate had been only worried about getting for himself for Christmas.  Ben had worked hard and earned money then got a shopping day with Mommy.  Let me take a moment here to explain something about the generous Ben...he went and bought two nice Lego sets "for his brothers"<---which he planned "to help" them build.  Then he went on to the Dollar Tree to find treasures for the other important people in his life :-)

 Now Nate suddenly decided he needed to do Christmas shopping.  We started and ended at the Dollar Tree--I have learned that my money is really easy to spend!  He started his Christmas shopping with a few things for himself ;-P then took alot of time picking out the gifts for others.

As we left he had the biggest winning smile on his face and he said " Mom...this has been the greatest day of my life!  You did the money and I did the shopping!"

I know was one of the greatest days of my life too!  I love you Nate.


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    1. Thanks Michelle! Sometimes I cry when I look at him and remember the little boy he was just three years ago!! I couldn't see a little boy then that would be able to communicate and love me. Our life has been amazing!

    2. He loves being in your Sunday School Class and Eli can not wait to get there with the "big boy"!


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