Sunday, October 31, 2010

DIY Library Stage 1

It started with a corner of our basement that was filled with "one-day-I-will-find-a-place-for-this" stuff.  I have always dreamed of having a house with a library--but have never had a "having-a-library" type house.  We have a very 1982 home...everything that was cool in 1982 was put into our home--not all bad {mamouth closets :)}  But we have tons of light honey wood-light honey paneling, baseboards, steps, and doors.  And so in this corner that I wanted to use for my library had lots of these light honey wooden affects.  Plus I have a matching hopechest that my dad made...and I needed to leave it in this space as well.  My dear friend was getting rid of a dark wood shelf and I had an extra whitish wood shelf---but to use all of that was going to be a disaster!  So I painted the shelves black to make them more "matchy" and to break up all of the wood.  The red rug was one once used in the boys room.  So in total I now have $18 vested in my new library--the black paint!
For stage two of the library I am looking for a comfy black chair, some Mark Hambys Rare reproduced Lamplighter books, a black coushion for the hopechest and maybe another shelf for the other wall.

This area is being used for the kids reading area and their books.

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  1. I love your library! We have one in our dining room for the children. They love it. Its not fancy...just a little corner with a bookshelf full of their books. I hope to add a bean bag chair to make a comfy place right there for them to read. They LOVE to read.

    I look forward to seeing how it turns out for you! I am sure your children love it!


    Mary Joy

    visiting from Moms the Word

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  3. Great job! I love a library too, although we don't have one! Great inspiration to make it happen.


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