Monday, November 1, 2010

Mom Cave Makeover Contest!

Susan from Between Naps On the Porch is hosting a Mom Cave blog party for her Metamorphosis Monday.  One lucky winner will get a $250 gift certificate to Home Goods to use on her MOM CAVE.  Plus three other women will win $50 gift certificates.  I could use either amount :)

Okay so shamefully I am going to show you my "Mom Cave".  This is an 82 square foot L-shaped walk-in closet off of a fourth bedroom that we are using for our schoolroom/playroom.
Presently I am trying to clean out the closet and store my scrap booking supplies

and our ever growing homeschooling supplies.

If I win I would love to get a chair for my desk,

and some pretty storage units like the ones here that I found on their site

and maybe these lovely birds to keep up with my ribbons

as well as some lovely girly storage!!

Pick me please!!!

***Hopefully I will be posting new pix of my remodeled cave soon!!


  1. Good luck - I hope it turns out exactly the way you envisioned.


  2. Hi Renee-

    So happy that you found inspiration in my work table. There really is nothing to it- very easy and not expensive. A little elbow grease is all. It looks like you are on your way and have a vision in your mind to creating your space. Keep at it - (mine took a few years to get it to where it is now) and before you know it you will have a place to really call all your own.
    My best- Diane

  3. Well, as much as I want to win, I hope you win too because I love all of the ideas you want to incorporate into your room.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've enjoyed reading yours...


  4. I like that lovely girlie storage! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a positive comment. I'm a follower now and I'm hoping to more mutual blog visits.

  5. I admire you for homeschooling! You're one busy momma! Have a blessed week.
    Teri =)

  6. I like the storage units you picked out! I might steal your idea...can't wait to see your new and improved momcave

  7. Great job on cleaning out your closet/storage space...I used to teach so I understand how supplies can build up for the kiddos. A comfy chair for your desk would make your day so much easier for sure. Best of luck in the giveaway.
    Fondly, Roberta

  8. I think you have a great start on your Mom Cave! I would highly recommend a professional organizer. I can't believe how much difference it can make. I've had her do my closet and now my Mom Cave, and could NOT be happier. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment on my Mom Cave. I loved having you over! I've joined as your latest follower, and hope you'll stop by and see me again too. Have a blessed week! Sandi

  9. Hi Renee. It is great that you are home schooling. I have often considered doing this myself. It sounds like we all want a chair for our desks and pretty storage. Good luck with your mom cave.


  10. Orgainizing all our stuff is a biggie isn't it! I know, I have lots of organizing that needs to be done also!!


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