Thursday, May 17, 2012

Montessori #4!!!!!!!!

Friends this is endless!  And I am searching around on the web I am finding so many more ideas!!  Please note:
~~yes do use the little trays...the confined area is part of the whole space
~~this is work and lessons--not play
~~lessons should be rotated out and in about every couple of weeks...and objects can be mixed around into a new lesson

Most of all--HAVE FUN!!!!

This is one of the awesome kits that I purchased from Debbie Fox of   The Bottom Shelf


plastic bowl
couple of straws
a wire wisk
egg beater

mix a small solution of 1/3 dishwashing liquid to 2/3 water
pour into bowl
blow through straw to see how the straw creates bubbles
next work with the wisk
then the egg beater.

loads of fun and the bubbles will be different with each.

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