Saturday, May 12, 2012

Homeschool Montessori #1 (or how to get a 30-45 minute break!!)

Our homeschooling year has closed.  But at the end I came across a HUGE secret for success that somewhere along the way everyone had forgotten to share with me :-(  Montessori--Tot Boxes what ever you want to call it...hands on skills play.  

Our homeschool co-op FAITH sponsored a speaker to do a workshop on what to do with that preschooler while you are schooling your other children.  Of course work with them too...but sometimes they have got to get constructively busy.

So Debbie Fox from The Bottom Shelf came and shared with us how to make these montessori lessons, use them, organize our time, our life,and she offered some kits that she had already made!  I will be sharing those also.  But for now I am sharing one that I made!--her idea :-) Thanks Debbie!!

Pouring and Funneling

tray walmart $1.98
funnels dollar tree $1
measuring spoons and cups dollar tree $1
small bowls my kitchen

Eli played with this at least an hour..totally mesmerized.  He only gets to play with the kits during lesson time.


  1. What a great idea! Jameson will start K-4 this year and Landon would love doing things like this during Jameson's lessons! I'm just wondering if (at 2 years) would he keep it in the tray? There may be rice all over my kitchen. Or I could let him do it on the porch at their little picnic table! Ok, problem solved. LOL!

  2. Cool Idea! Jack definitely needs some constructive play instead of destructive!!! LOL


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