Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bread Anyone?

I started my baking early this morning....and I have extra bread...two loaves...they will be ready around one o'clock.
So the first two people that call can have the extra loaves. Except you...
because I will be bringing two loaves to moms in the morning :)
Why the extra energy? I cant figure it out either unless it is because I got a really cool knitting bag last night and I am stoked!
In fact now it is my inspiration to knit.


  1. Uhh!!!! What about Kenny's wife?
    and how did you manage to get that bag so close to Christmas?

  2. Okay "Anonymous" if you are Kennys wife...then you know where the money came from as we had that money talk the other night :) Maybe you should follow my tickers ;) LOL I have some left do you want a bag?!


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