Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 2!!

My favorite part today?  hmmmmmmmmmm.....maybe that Eli slept until 11 and we schooled about 3 1/2 without him? :-)

I guess I better say Writing.  Handwriting is an area that I have miserably failed the boys.  But this year I wanted to grab that bull by the horns and straighten it out.  So back in June I went to the CHEK homeschool conference in Louisville and met Iris Hatfield.  She has written New American Cursive  Penmanship Program published by Memoria Press.  Actually I had purchased the books before I met her...but once I met her and she gently talked me through the program...I felt empowered.  Thanks Iris!  It is our second day and the boys are loving it and begging for more than 10 minutes on writing :-)

She also introduced me to Twist 'n Write pencils...so we are off to a fun start on our writing.

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  1. We have the pen like that but I didn't know they had them in pencils! Pretty cool! We aren't starting school until August 6th. I just put away all of last year's stuff yesterday and haven't even dared to open all the new boxes yet. I told the girls they have to clean their rooms before adding the new school year stuff. They are excited to open their new school book packages so hopefully they'll get busy cleaning!


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