Wednesday, August 31, 2011

22nd Day of School!!

I am so behind on posting about life, school, ect.....but here is a go!

So far we have had three field trips!

The first one was to the Louisville Zoo!  Funny but the boys favorite things about the zoo are the playground and the african culture exhibit!!

2011-08-12 13.23.34

2011-08-12 14.50.22

2011-08-12 14.55.01
2011-08-12 14.55.41
2011-08-12 14.55.27

The next week we went to the Kentucky State Fair...their favorite exhibit was the 4H bug collections and the fossil digging from Mammoth Cave!
2011-08-22 12.35.08

I was totally taken by the winning 4H cake!!
2011-08-22 11.40.41

This Monday we went to the Air and Space Museum at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton Ohio.
2011-08-29 14.21.13

I will have to find more pictures of that later :-)

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