Thursday, September 2, 2010

DAY 38!

37 lessons and one field trip so far!  And here is basically our schedule that we try to maintain:
Wipe off board that I got at the dollar spot in Target!!

My pocket chart (also from Targets dollar spot) and the cards made from blank sentence strips from the Dollar Tree.  Here you see an exercise to determine when to use which "k" ending sound.
Crayola wipe off chart for spelling practice.
For computer center time.  Great FREE early elementary language arts study.
Nates Alpabet cards---from the Dollar Tree!!
Totally awesome BINGO games...first grade level from Targets Dollar Spot.
Nate working on his coloring.
Great find at KSS this week....there are so many projects that we can do with this in our Science Center.  Also...if you have more than on an extra magnetic wand.
The boys try different items to make a magnetic maze on cookie sheets.
Ben reading...leisurely.

Keeping schooling fun.


  1. Lovely to "meet" you Renee! Thanks for stopping by "my place" in this blog world! :)

    WOW! You have done amazing things with your much energy! Your boys are very blessed! We need lots of energy to keep up with boys, don't we? ;-)

    May the LORD bless you as you walk this is very rewarding.


  2. I just bought that Alphabet Bingo game too -- excited to surprise my son with it one of these days as a treat. Love the target dollar spot! Your kids look like they have a great place to play/learn. I'm stopping by from Preschool Corner.

  3. It all looks so fun! I love this stuff.


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